In Switzerland at `The Top of Europe` - Jungfraujoch Station


Hi, I'm Skottie…

After a long career as a Creative Director, managing global design teams in the tech industry, (Amazon, General Motors, PayPal, and currently BazaarVoice) and years before that as an Art Director in the publishing industry and performing arts, I decided to turn my creative focus to my personal art. 

Thanks to encouragement from my husband of 30 years, I am currently experimenting with new media digital work. I've traveled extensively and have always dabbled in photography, but more recently I approach my photography with intent to use it in a digital piece. I'll incorporate old encaustic works that I've done, photos that I’ve taken at Tanglewild, (our Austin, Texas botanical garden) vintage etchings, wallpapers and floral patterns that I’ve come across in my travels and digitally manipulate these items to create the unexpected, something that is expressive and causes people to look closer.

Many people see other images in my works, pareidolia as it is called, the human ability to see shapes or make pictures out of randomness. Instead of veering away from it, I decided to embrace this phenomenon and I encourage people to look for images in my work. 

I am humbled to be able to share my work on a global stage. Please follow me if you like what you see and thank you for taking the time to check out my work.