I’m inspired by the natural world and drawn to unusual and different textures, colors and forms. I might happen upon a spent blossom, a creepy insect, or a striking person that serves as my muse, but I always find a seed of beauty in whatever it might be. I’m driven to capture what drew my attention in a photo and share what may have been overlooked by others, but I was privileged to notice. 

These photos serve as the basis for my work. I push my images digitally to generate something that goes far beyond what initially drew me in, but still retains it’s essence. 

Through the use of reflection, image layering and color shifting, my work transforms a simple photo into the unexpected and often lends it to pareidolia, or the human ability to see shapes or make pictures out of randomness. Think of the Rorschach inkblot test, but with color, texture, depth and emotion.

The digital aspect of my work allows me to reproduce the final image on a number of mediums to texturally enhance the work even further, including metal, canvas, wood, archival paper and even glass.

My goal is to create something that never existed, but with roots in nature; something that evokes a poignant and personal response, that awakens the viewer’s imagination and, if I’m lucky, inspires them.