This work came out of experiments for my Wisps Series, but I felt that it was a departure from that series due to the deep colors, when the series that I was working on was a more pastel palette. With Halloween coming up in a couple of weeks, I felt this piece was a tad scary in the way that it surfaced, the darkness, the deep color and shadowy effect. It was interesting, different and seemed worthy of keeping. I’m posting it as this may be a departure piece, but it came out of experimentation, of seeking something new and exciting, of wanting people to explore their creative sides as I feel that there is creative energy that flows through everyone. If you get nothing out of my work, that is totally fine, just know that my works from my love of being creative, out of outlet that keeps me sane and I hope that it makes you think about exploring your own creativity if you aren’t already.

Wisp | Wraithspeak 1500.jpg

Wisp | Into The Light

This work is part of a series that I call Wisps. I have a feeling I will be doing many more for this series as I like the complexity of the works and the contrast of that detail with subtle color and the depth that the wispy lines add to the work. I see these works in rooms that are quiet, soft-toned, a luxury bathroom, an elegant hotel, a zen space where you do yoga. Alternately they work well as contrasting works against a dark or deep colored wall or concrete. If you are interested in following these works, I will be adding more to the Wisps Series page on my website. Link below.

Wisp | Into The Light 1500.jpg

Blooming Ivory

I have been obsessed with digital art for the last three years now and have produced well over 1000 pieces that can be found on my website for purchase. I have done a lot of experimentation in that time and have come up with, what I believe to be, some unique techniques that I’ve not seen in other digital art. One of those techniques in employed here and in many of my new works. If you look at the second image, you will see a detail of this work, Blooming Ivory, and notice the tiny lines or wisps, as I call them, that weave throughout the piece. It really gives the piece a lot of depth and creates a lot of opportunities for pareidolia as well. The original art for this piece was a photo that I took of a Passion Flower, which I uploaded into Dreamscope and applied an original filter. The result of that filtering was brought into Photoshop for the final techniques to be applied.

Cottonmouth 9 Revisited

This work, and others in the series, was created from a photo that I took in our gardens at Tanglewild Gardens. It was early season and the snake was likely looking for a place to lay eggs and it was crossing our driveway. I decided to take a few photos of it and use one of them as the basis of a series and this is one of the resulting works.

For those of you not familiar with Cottonmouths, Agkistrodon piscivorus is a venomous snake, a species of pit viper in the subfamily Crotalinae of the family Viperidae. The species is endemic to the southeastern United States. As an adult, it is large and capable of delivering a painful and potentially fatal bite. This excerpt thanks to Wikipedia.

Cottonmouth 9 Revisited 1500.jpg

Tinted Claret

This work was done from a photo of a Tetrapanax Leaf, also known as Rice Paper Plant. I worked with layers and filters to arrive at the final piece that you see below. I tried to capture the color of the sky at the time with both the clouds as well as the slightly greyed, robin’s egg blue shade and there was some interesting red/claret marks on the leaf that I wanted to keep in tact as it added a depth to the piece that I was hoping for.

OMahony_Skottie_Tinted Claret_40x40.jpg

Balance Of Power

This piece was created from a series of experiments with layering various works created from multiple flower images. I wanted to create something otherworldly and unique and with this piece I am getting closer. I stopped at this variation as I liked the complexity of primary colors and shades between. It’s a step towards a new direction and I learned a great deal from the experiments leading up to this work.

Balance of Power 1500.jpg

Pauper No Longer

This piece was created from a photo of a canna lily blossom in our garden. I enjoy manipulating photos to the point where they become something quite different from what they started and take on an almost surreal beauty, with strong opportunities for pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus. This often leads to people assigning human characteristics to objects.

Flamingo Experiments

These works were created from a photo of a flamingo that was nestled in it’s own feathers. It is not a photo that I took, it is one that I found on a site called Pexels, that has royalty free photos that are shared by photographers all over the world, this is one was by Cesar Aguilar. Many only require a credit and many don’t even require that as long as the image is not used as is for commercial purposes, but most can be used if they are altered. I didn’t have access to any flamingos and dreamt of using a photo of one for an series and that is how this series came about.