Brugs Leaves | Stilts

This piece stems from a bit of sadness as this was done from a photo of fallen Brugmansia leaves that were out by our greenhouse. Why sadness you ask? Well, most of our Brugmansia throughout the yard were full of hundreds of buds and I was so excited to have so many in bloom when our garden was being filmed for a local PBS show called Central Texas Gardener. This would have been the best bloom that we have had in Texas and out of nowhere we got an abrupt change in weather patterns that lead to temperatures that dropped to 26 degrees Fahrenheit in our area. This caused all of the booms to die and the leaves to drop. I wanted to find a way to memorialize them in some way when I saw these fallen three leaves and decided to use them as the basis of a series of works. You’d think that I would lean towards using the flowers, but the leaves, after a quick freeze took on a very cool spiral effect and that is what sold it for me. I call this one Stilts, as it reminded me of some bizarre creature on stilts.

Brugs Leaves | Stilts 1500.jpg