Mini Banana Leaf | 1980s Intensity

I was in a bit of a dark mood today after the loss of a friend, so it likely impacted this piece. It started as a photo of a banana leaf taken during the golden hour. I kept layering and filtering and layering and filtering and none of the results seemed to work for me. I finally started all over, used the same image and things looked quite different coming out of the second go-round. Even though this piece stems from darkness, it has a glow of hope that is integral to its nature. I guess there needs to be darkness or we wouldn’t know what light was, so I decided to push these darker results a little further and before I knew it, I’d saved a dozen or so different variations. This one below seemed to speak to me though. It seemed angelic in a way and reminded me of the 1980s… laser shows, blacklight posters, dance clubs with pulsing music. Those nights in the 80s were intense and amazing and even in my time of sorrow, some lighthearted memories came out of the darkness.

Mini Banana Leaf | 1980s Intensity 1500.jpg