Yam Baby | Sacrifice

As a departure from my usual work using photos of plants or flowers, I like to occasionally use something different to mix things up a bit. That said, you are probably thinking, Yam Baby... WHAT? Well, I was given a very dilapidated and scary looking doll by my brother that was so weird, old and creepy that his husband wouldn't allow it in the house any longer. Apparently it was dubbed Yam Baby by a friend of theirs because of its odd and oblong head.

So, I wanted to make something out of this doll that was inspired by it, but that would take on many different new and less scary faces. In this particular piece, I did make a nod to the creepy in both name and sanguine splattering, but I feel that it has an element of hope due to the fact that the center light emerging and the deeper tones fading into the darkness. 

Yam Baby | Sacrifice 1500.jpg