Blooming Ivory

I have been obsessed with digital art for the last three years now and have produced well over 1000 pieces that can be found on my website for purchase. I have done a lot of experimentation in that time and have come up with, what I believe to be, some unique techniques that I’ve not seen in other digital art. One of those techniques in employed here and in many of my new works. If you look at the second image, you will see a detail of this work, Blooming Ivory, and notice the tiny lines or wisps, as I call them, that weave throughout the piece. It really gives the piece a lot of depth and creates a lot of opportunities for pareidolia as well. The original art for this piece was a photo that I took of a Passion Flower, which I uploaded into Dreamscope and applied an original filter. The result of that filtering was brought into Photoshop for the final techniques to be applied.