Framing Art For Your Space

Several friends have asked how my work should be framed or if it should. That really depends upon the look you’d like to have for your interior. Is your space more modern, traditional, eclectic? Do you like canvases or metal prints with no frames, simple and elegant frames that show off the artwork in a more modern fashion, or more ornate frames that give my digital work a more traditional feel? How you frame a piece is really a personal preference. As an artist, I enjoy seeing how someone who has purchased one of my works has used it in their home. I find it fascinating how different people’s tastes are and it is really interesting to see which of my works appeals to various people.

I am more than happy to provide suggestions to collectors of my work, based on how they’d like to present the piece in their home and show them options if they are unable to envision it for themselves. I’ve mocked up a few different styles of rooms, and include my art in various types of frames, to provide some inspiration of how my work can be displayed and how simple changes in frame, size, pairing, color and repetition can give different effects. I hope this is useful and if not, let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll do my best to find a solution that is right for you.