This page is devoted to my designs that I felt could make unique wallpapers or murals. Most are not for the faint of heart and are definitely not your grandmother’s wallpaper. I’ve tried to make them fun, unusual and I definitely take advantage of the digital medium that I experiment with in my work. These images can be used to fill an entire wall, with a single image (mural), or used in a repeated pattern (standard wallpaper). If you are interested in any of these for your own use, please contact me and I can upload the image to a site such as Society 6 or Spoonflower and you can purchase the mural or wallpaper from there.

Golden Chalice | Opera Voices

Hibiscus | Texas Star

Tree | Tree Chi | Wallpaper

Poof Seed | Filaments

Mixed | Scarab Wings

Mixed Images | Gaudy

Gloves | I Am The Walrus

Passiflora | Tropical Punch

Misc. | Cow Party

Canna | Twins of Mind

Passiflora | Tropical Punch

Ball Moss | Swirl

Passiflora | Scarlet

Mixed | Containment

Climbing Fern | 4-leaf Clover

Ball Moss | Alien Insects